Let Kids Be Kids
Let Kids Be Kids is an evolving New Zealand-wide grassroots network of people who ask questions, conduct research, focus on solutions, and support one another.
Our families, children and youth are facing a myriad of tough situations at present, and rather than putting our heads in the sand or looking the other way… it’s time to build our courage, speak from our hearts, and find some answers to our burning questions.

Our Vision

Let Kids Be Kids exists to:

Inform parents and grandparents about what is going on in schools and elsewhere, and where issues appear to stem from. 
 Support those who are wanting answers and solutions.
 Empower parents to reclaim their authority as their child’s protector… to ensure their happiness, liberty, safety and wellbeing.

Featured Video

WPATH & The New Zealand Connection
Nurse Jen and Penny Marie discuss WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Healthcare), PATHA (Professional Association for Transgender Healthcare Aotearoa) and what’s happening here in New Zealand’s health and education system.

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