The Platform: Cancelled Venues & PRIDE Week, with Sean Plunket

For the full 20 minute conversation go to The Platform.

Free Speech and Public Venues

Recently, our Marlborough regional team tried to book a meeting in a council library room, and was denied. The Free Speech Union jumped straight on it and they are meeting with Marlborough Council this afternoon… (please note, the legal action is by FSU, not LKBK).

Stay updated with these developments on FSU’s social media channels, email list and website.  Letter to Marlborough District Council: Alleged breach of Bill of Rights Act by Marlborough District Libraries.

Hot on the heels of the venue cancellation situation, Let Kids Be Kids Founder Penny Marie was invited onto The Platform yesterday morning. The timing also coincided with the start of schools’ Pride Week.

Get informed and empowered

We recently developed a simple resource for parents who are concerned about:

  • The lack of transparency from schools about topics that require transparency

  • Pride Week (by InsideOut)

  • Out On The Shelves book campaign (also by InsideOut).

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