Featured on Greek Radio

In June 2023 Penny was invited on Greek radio station/podcast with Loukas Ntourtourekas.
Loukas is a podcaster in Greece. He had seen Penny’s speech to the school Board of Trustees, and asked to chat with her about the similarities between what is happening here in New Zealand and in Greece, Europe and globally.
It was expected to be focussed on the sexuality and gender ideology in schools, however much of the conversation was about the global lockstep situation many realise we are in, in all facets of our lives. 

Mentioned on the Let Kids Be Kids Roadshow

On the Let Kids Be Kids Roadshow, Penny mentions how the sexualisation of our children by the state is a repeating pattern in history. She refers to this conversation, where Loukas raises the situation that occurred in Hungary in 1919. 

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